Wordt vrijwilliger / stagiair!

Wij zijn voortdurend op zoek naar enthousiaste vrijwilligers. Je kunt bijvoorbeeld bij ons aan de slag als vertaler, therapeut, redacteur, fondswerver of marketing specialist. Kijk voor de actuele vacatures op www.oneworld.nl/vacatures en zoek op ‘Casa de laAlegría’.

2 reacties op “Wordt vrijwilliger / stagiair!
  1. Ida Meinel says:

    Hello everyone,

    we are Sophia and Ida, two drama therapy student from Nürtingen Germany. We are interested in your work in Bolivia and would like to do an internship with you next year. It should last at least 90 days including min. 380 hours of work. Therefor we can takt the time between August 2020 and February 2021. We already had contact to Lena Darpel and reached out to Laurie. Please let us know if an intership is still possible. We would likt to skype with you soon.

    Kindest regards,
    Sophia and Ida

    • Casa de la Alegría says:

      Hello Sophia and Ida,
      Thank you for contacting Casa de la Alegria, and how great that you are looking for an internship in Bolivia! 🙂
      We are very open to discuss possibilities.
      I would suggest we plan a skype or whatsapp call. Shall we be in touch through whatsapp?
      My number is +31654343926. Or you can email me at annemarie@casadelaalegria.nl.
      Let me know what you think and when a call suits you!
      Kind regards,

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