Language School


Sustainability is an important theme within Casa de la Alegría, on which we are working in different ways. One of these ways is maximizing our financial independency. By being less dependent on funds and donations we can work toward our goals with the children in a more stable way and focus more on long term goals. For this reason we have set up language school Juntucha in Cochabamba. Bolivia is increasingly emerging as a travel country and that means more people who want to learn Spanish. By jumping into this growing demand, we can generate a steady stream of income, and because the school’s profits go directly to the foundation, we can work in a more stable and sustainable manner. SN7A5351 The school works with individual programs tailored to the level, needs and goals of the students, and are aimed at actually speaking and communicating in Spanish. We work with local teachers, which benefits the local employment, and organize not only language classes, but also many social activities so that students feel connected to each other, to Bolivia and the Bolivians. For more information about our language school visit We also work with Beyond South America, a company that helps people find internships and volunteer work in South America. Many of our students come through this channel. And just like with Juntucha, the profit Beyond South America makes goes directly to the foundation.

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