Hola (new) face! [EN]

“My biggest dream is to work abroad for an NGO”

Nadine, marketing assistant introduces herself

“Originally I had responded to a vacancy at Casa de la Alegría to work in Bolivia for six months. Unfortunately, this position was a bit uncertain due to Corona and I decided to get started from the Netherlands for now, to still contribute and get to know the organization. Among other things, I helped rebuild the Juntucha website, and I am now focusing on writing the marketing and communication plan for Beyond South America for 2021.”

What is your function?

Marketing employee since June 2020 for sister organization
Beyond South America and Casa de la Alegría

What makes you happy?

“It is at the top of my list to go to South America and travel to Bolivia to see with our own eyes how things are going there and what we are helping to build from the Netherlands.”

Who or what would you like to have in front of your lens? 

“I would like to photograph wildlife or beautiful landscapes again, for example during a safari or a trip through the jungle in South America. But I also think it would be cool, as soon as possible, to take a look at Casa de la Alegría, to take pictures of the children and activities and all the beauty that Bolivia has to offer!”

What makes you angry or sad? 

“Trash on the street.. just throw it in the trash bin!”

Our logo features a rising sun. Are you more of a morning or evening person? 

“I’ve really become a morning person lately. Nice to go out early and for example take a walk or take a yoga lesson to start my day. I secretly think it is a shame to lie in bed all morning, especially now that the sun is shining more often.”

If you could cook with our niños, what would you make?

“Pizza! I love Italian cuisine and I often go on holiday there. Making your own pizza dough and deciding which vegetables to put on it seems like a wonderful activity for the children of Casa. And it’s really nice to eat the homemade pizza afterwards!”