5 Reasons to support us

  1. All of our projects are developed in full cooperation with local people and organizations. Even the idea the foundation is based on is the result of conversations our founder had with the people of Cochabamba! By taking the needs, knowledge and opinions of the locals into consideration in our plans, as well as by choosing to hire local teachers, we make sure our projects match the local culture and traditions. This increases the sustainability and the chance of success!

  3. A good idea or a nice gesture isn’t enough when you’re talking about development aid. This is why Casa de la Alegría focuses on the ‘development’ part of the term. All of our projects are aimed at creating independence and sustainability. How? We not only focus on talent development, which helps to make the kids more financially self-sufficient, we also focus on social and emotional development, which can be passed on to others, and has an effect on society as a whole.

  5. Many development organizations focus on basic needs such as housing, food and education, and although we of course feel that these kinds of aid are indispensable, we also think it is important to take it a step further. We do not only want to help these kids to survive, but also teach them skills that can help them build a better life, and become proud of themselves and of what they have accomplished. This is why we have chosen to focus on social and emotional development, and work together with organization that offer the basic needs, so that together, we can offer a more comprehensive aid package. Another crucial aspect of our approach is that during our workshops, the children can relax, have fun, and really feel like kids again for a while.

  7. Do you often wonder what happens with the money you donate to charity? And how much of your donation actually ends up with the people who need it? Casa de la Alegría is a transparent organization that gives everyone access to both the financial and organizational records on the website. We also regularly update our Facebook page and website, and send out a bimonthly newsletter. Through all the pictures and stories you really feel like you get to know the kids!

  9. Every member of our team is very passionate about the work we do with the Casa. Most of us have extensive experience with Latin America, and are able to relate to the people and the situations we encounter very well. But besides this enthusiasm, we also have a lot of knowledge. The members of our team have degrees in anthropology, creative therapy, management and design, political science, development studies, psychology, business administration, sociology, Latin America studies, drama school and so on. Put together this creates a broad package of knowledge, which is invaluable in our broad, open-minded approach to helping the children of Cochabamba .
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Via onderstaande link kunt u zich aanmelden voor onze nieuwsbrief. Deze nieuwsbrief komt ongeveer één keer per kwartaal uit. Hierin vertellen we over de activiteiten die er zijn ondernomen in Cochabamba, wat de nieuwste ontwikkelingen zijn en hoe het gaat met het project.