Casa de la Alegría is a non-
profit organization based
in Cochambamba, Bolivia.
We train local psychologists
and social workers, who guide children in processing traumas and breaking behavioral patterns through play, dance, art and music.

In addition to creative therapy, we provide the children with tools to become assertive and resilient and develop a positive self-image. Our mission is to help these children
to create a better future for themselves
and for their environment. This way we can
break the vicious circle of abuse and
violence and ensure sustainable impact.

Laurie IJzerman, the founder of Casa de la
Alegría, traveled to Bolivia in 2011 to finish her
research Master Latin-American studies. It was
love at first sight with the country and its
inhabitants. After four months, Laurie had to go
back to the Netherlands. She knew, however,
that she had found her home and calling in
Cochabamba; offering damaged children
hope for the future.















The question to which, Casa de la Alegría is the answer! Our goal is to let children, that went through a difficult period, flourish again and to help them develop into independent, emotionally fully grown adults. We strive to develop our ideas further based on the local reality and the needs of the children with whom we work. Listening and standing close to the community are key aspects of our work. Therefore we only employ Bolivian personnel. For ourselves we draw valuable lessons from the daily reality of Bolivia!




Casa de la Alegría is run by volunteers.
Only our Bolivian employees receive a
salary. All others – from website magicians
to editors to translators – work only on
a voluntary basis. Curious to our staff?
Click here and meet our team full of
talents. P.S. We can always use more help!