Casa de la Alegría literally translates to House of Joy, and it implies happiness and pride! We are a young organization that aims to stimulate and encourage children and teenagers in Cochabamba, Bolivia to become proud. We do this by offering workshops in which we help them develop their social-emotional skills. Among other things, we help them deal with traumas and aggression and teach them about sexual education, but we also teach them to have fun and trust each other, helping them to become stronger and more independent in the future. Furthermore, we think it is very important that the kids discover and develop their talents, as this will make them both emotionally and financially more self-sufficient, and thus less dependent on both us and the people around them.  

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Via onderstaande link kunt u zich aanmelden voor onze nieuwsbrief. Deze nieuwsbrief komt ongeveer één keer per kwartaal uit. Hierin vertellen we over de activiteiten die er zijn ondernomen in Cochabamba, wat de nieuwste ontwikkelingen zijn en hoe het gaat met het project.